Why glass bottles are the best choice for cosmetic packaging Sep 20,2022.

Why glass bottles are the best choice for cosmetic packaging

1.Advantages of glass bottles


In cosmetic packaging materials, glass bottles are more and more recognized by the market because of their remarkable characteristics. This is mainly because glass bottles have the following advantages:

        (1)The glass material is lead-free and harmless, and has good barrier properties, which can well prevent the oxidation and erosion of various gases on the objects in the bottle, and can effectively prevent the volatilization of the objects inside.

        (2)Glass bottles can be recycled and used repeatedly, which reduces the cost of packaging for enterprises and is also conducive to environmental protection.

        (3)The glass texture is transparent, and the interior material is clearly visible. The transparency and clearance convey a high-level feeling to consumers.

        (4)Glass bottles are safe and hygienic, non-toxic and harmless, with good corrosion resistance and acid corrosion resistance, and have special packaging advantages for the cosmetics industry.



        2.The use of glass bottles in cosmetics (cream bottle, essence, toner, essential oil bottle)

        Glass bottles used in cosmetics are mainly divided into: skin care products (cream, lotion), foundation, perfume, essential oil, nail polish.

        Solid pastes generally use wide-mouth bottles, preferably with chemical aluminum caps or plastic caps. The caps can be used for color spraying and other effects, such as cream bottles, mask bottles and other commonly used wide-mouth bottles. Emulsion or water-based pastes generally uses a narrow-mouth bottle and it should be equipped with a pump head. If it is equipped with a lid, it needs to be equipped with an inner plug to prevent leakage. Essential oil bottles are usually brown or colored frosted, which can be protected from light. The lids have safety rings and can be equipped with inner plugs or droppers. Perfume bottles are generally equipped with delicate spray pump heads or plastic caps.


3.The combination is as follows:

        (1)Cream bottle series: glass bottle + double-layer plastic outer cover (general capacity is 10g-50g)

        (2)Essence series: glass bottle + plastic pump or anodized aluminum pump (general capacity is 10g-50g) 20 to 100ml)

        (3)Toner series: glass bottle + plastic inner plug + outer cover (more than 100ml, there are also the kind with pump head)

        (4)Essential oil bottle series: glass bottle+ inner plug + large head cover or plastic head + Dropper + Anodized Aluminum Cover

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